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Punk Goes Pop 4

Punk Goes Pop, Volume 4 Track Listing:
1. Pierce The Veil - "Just The Way You Are" (originally recorded by Bruno Mars)
2. Tonight Alive - "Little Lion Man" (originally recorded by Mumford & Sons)
3. Woe, Is Me - "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" (originally recorded by Katy Perry)
4. The Ready Set - "Roll Up" (Feat. Mod Sun) (originally recorded by Wiz Khalifa)
5. Sleeping With Sirens - "F**K You" (originally recorded by Cee Lo Green)
6. Go Radio - "Rolling In The Deep" (originally recorded by Adele)
7. For All Those Sleeping - "You Belong With Me" (originally recorded by Taylor Swift)
8. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "We R Who We R" (originally recorded by Ke$ha)
9. A Skylit Drive - "Love The Way You Lie" (originally recorded by Eminem feat. Rihanna)
10. Allstar Weekend - "Yeah 3X" (originally recorded by Chris Brown)
11. I See Stars - "Till The World Ends" (originally recorded by Britney Spears)
12. Silverstein - "Runaway" (Feat. Down With Webster) (originally recorded by Kanye West)
13. The Downtown Fiction - "Super Bass" (originally recorded by Nicki Minaj)

FREE Fearless Records Bonus Sampler:
1. Breathe Carolina - "Wooly"
2. Every Avenue - "Fall Apart"
3. Go Radio - "Goodnight Moon"
4. A Skylit Drive - "The Cali Buds"
5. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "In Friends We Trust"
6. blessthefall - "Promised Ones"
7. Motionless In White - "Immaculate Misconception"
8. Sparks The Rescue - "Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With"
9. For All Those Sleeping - "I'm Not Dead Yet"
10. The Word Alive - "2012"

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